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How to Go To Lei Yue Mun

Being the "gate" or channel on the sea of course the best way to get to Lei Yue Mun is by water, at least in terms of enjoying the experience. But it is the attractions on the costs at either side of the channel which are of course the destination for most visitors and for these there are a variety of different ways to approach by land.

Listed below are a few suggestions depending on if you are visiting the Kowloon side of the channel, which would be if you want to eat at the seafood bazaar or view some of the interesting rocks along the edge of the sea, while directions for the Hong Kong Island side presume you are going to the Coastal Defense Museum which is one of the great attractions in the area.


The Kowloon Side (seafood bazaar):

  1. Get off at Yau Tong MTR station and catch a taxi. 
  2. Get off at Yau Tong MTR station catch green minibus no. 24 opposite Yau Tong Centre.
  3. Get off at Kwun Tong MTR station and catch bus no. 14C
  4. Get off at Sai Wan Ho MTR station and catch the ferry across if you start from the Hong Kong Island side.

The Hong Kong Side (Coastal Defense Museum)

  1. Take Exit B2 of Shau Kei Wan MTR station, follow the road signs and walk for about 15 minutes.
  2. First Bus - bus no. 82X at North Point Healthy Village.
  3. City Bus - bus no. 85 at North Point Ferry Pier.




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