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Tour around Lei Yue Mun

  1. Evening Victoria Harbour Cruise and dinner at Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village

    Enjoy the evening harbour view before you dive into your sumptuous seafood dinner at Lei Yue Mun.  Book through your tour operator or the HK tourism board visitor centre for a 3-hour cruise and dinner evening.


  2. Buy your own seafood and eat it

    The traditional way of experiencing dining in Lei Yue Mun, a must do but requires a little bit of willingness to deal with the limited English spoken but the seafood shops and also the restaurants.  If you take some time of course you can find people who speak enough English to conduct business.  You also need to have some idea what you would like to eat and what style.

  3. Stilt Houses

    Houses on stilts are a traditional part of villages in China where seafolk have migrated to the land.  Although a dying tardition there are a few that can be seen on Lei Yu Mun in both their original wooden form and the updated concrete style.
  4. Traditional Village

    See the interesting aspects of rural living in these squatter villages.

  5. View the Temple and Lighthouse

  6. Walk the Wilson Trail


    Cresting over the Devil's Peak which overlooks Lei Yue Mun the Wilson Trail stage 6 is a good country park walk which you can end in the village to have dinner!

  7. Annual Sports Event
    Lei Yue Mun is chosen to be the starting place of the New World Harbour Race since 2011 after a 33-year suspension.  The 5th Asian Open Water Swimming Championship is also taken place here at Lei Yue Mun in Oct 2012.  Come in October to cheer Hong Kong great swimmers.








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